The Safe Laser devices can be used for investigated disorders (diseases diagnosed by doctors), and it is recommended that only persons 18 years of age and older use the lasers.

Do not use the nasal mucosa lightening method on babies and young children due to the relatively powerful light which may prove irritating to the eyes.

Painful area of unknown origin must not be treated!

In case of pregnancy, irradiation of abdomen is forbidden because of (dangerous) increase of congestion!

Usage of the instrument is forbidden in case of persons suffering from severe coagulation disorders as well!

Do not treat with laser:

  • tumour areas,
  • thyroid (in case of superactivity) and
  • breast area,
  • skin surfaces affected by fungal infection,
  • Direct irradiation of coloured moles may be dangerous, because these qualify
  • as pre-neoplastic skin lesions.

Never treat yourself without a precise medical diagnosis, since Safe Laser® 500 Infra, although it can decrease your pain, is not always able to eliminate the root of your problem, and it may temporarily obscure grave diseases!

The lasers should never be pointed directly into the eyes, without the proper Eye Treatment Adapter!