Fiber optic head

lei 450.00

Harmless solution for the following ENT problems

  • Helps the healing of ear and ear canal inflammation
  • Relieves symptoms and accelerates the course of cold, flu
  • Relieves symptoms of respiratory inflammation
  • Relieves symptoms or terminates allergies, asthma and hay fever
  • Relieves symptoms or terminates tinnitus
  • Ear itching

and for the following Dental problems:

  • Toothaches, Infections, After Care
  • Around dental implants it helps the gum (ossification phase)
  • Lockjaw (Trismus)
  • Helps the healing of ear and ear canal inflammation
  • Greatly reduce toothache, gum atrophy and inflammation, bleeding gums and accelerates the healing of damage to the oral mucosa

The therapeutic lasers offer improved possibilities in the treatment of pain, wound healing, inflammation and oedema (related to dental and ENT problems), but they also offer the dental professional an option when treating indications previously not within the capability of the general dentist.Not only can dentists use the fiber optic head when manipulating our laser products, otolaryngologists can help their patients by providing a harmless solution

Place the head (with the adapter ring) on the Safe Laser 1800, then place it into your ear canal, switching the laser on and leaving it for 1-2 minute. For dental treatment leaving it on painful or inflamed area for 1 minute (according to the treatment protocol)

  • 180mW continuous power
  • 10 seconds = 4 Joule energy
  • only for Safe Laser 1800